From the Director's Chair

I must say that after being here for nearly 3 months, I have seen some of the most dedicated volunteers around. Each person, whether a driver, cart coordinator or office help, people are so willing to help in whatever capacity they can. When a volunteer driver calls out sick there is always someone waiting to take the open route without question. Those we serve depend so much on the meals provided by MOWFC and the social interaction that takes place upon delivery. We get wonderful comments all the time from clients who have said that they really can't wait till their delivery and not just because of the food but of the sound of a caring voice. Families of our clients that live out of town have also expressed their feelings that knowing that there will be someone here to check on their loved one eases their mind.  
Don't forget, it is so easy to volunteer and we would love to have you. Just go to the volunteer section and click to complete an application.
Until next time
Glenda Shayne
Executive Director